RedMax Dominate the Landscape


Professional landscapers work hard and need tools that can keep up. RedMax makes exactly those tools – but their brand image had not kept up with the power of their blowers, mowers, and trimmers. It was time to differentiate their brand with The S3 Agency.

The Insight

RedMax focuses 100% on the professional market, bringing a deeper understanding of their landscaping audience and the distributors that serve them. The brand needed to speak to the hard work itself, as well as to the pride that comes with doing the reliably great work that RedMax tools support. All of this had to be captured in a new tagline that communicated to our target audiences in both Spanish and English.




Dominate The Landscape.
Domina El Paisaje.
By adopting a powerful tagline that authentically reflects and connects with its audiences – along with an updated, powerful look and feel – we helped re-energize the RedMax brand and drive new levels of retailer engagement.

RedMax Social Media

We just revealed the new tagline, brand standards, and social media assets to our distributor business partners. Simply put: you NAILED it! THANK YOU to the entire S3 team for the great work, helping us pump some much needed life into the RedMax brand. It's truly time to 'Dominate the Landscape.'