Turtle Back Zoo

Turtle Back Zoo Goes Big.

Turtle Back Zoo opened in the 1960s as a small local zoo. Over the decades, the facility had declined to the point of near closure in the early 2000s. A decision was made to revitalize the facility – and the revitalization was so successful that they qualified for AZA certification. Unfortunately, visitation numbers were not increasing.

The insight:

Lingering misperceptions about the zoo overshadowed “new” messaging to local consumers. To counteract this, we positioned the New Jersey zoo as a media source of national expertise – based in the strategy that national media coverage would intrigue and impress local residents enough to check out the new zoo firsthand. We elevated Turtle Back Zoo’s brand messaging with a new tagline, “The World in Your Backyard,” across print, digital, broadcast and out-of-home advertising supported by social media efforts that educated as well as engaged.

The World In Your Backyard

New Jersey’s #1 Zoo


Over a decade of year-over-year attendance records.
Turtle Back Zoo is a Top 5 NJ Tourist Destination and NJ’s #1 zoo!

Website Development

I worked closely with the S3 agency while I was the director at Turtle Back Zoo. They are a great company that gives the feel of a very personal touch while also having tremendous reach within the PR / Marketing world. They always listened carefully and presented several options. I highly recommend them!

Turtle Back Zoo