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Worst. Tagline. Ever. Part 2.

On the heels of last week’s T-Mobile “Un-Carrier” rip off of 7-Up’s classic “Uncola” campaign comes this one from Goya:


Come on, Goya! As a NJ-based ad agency, we’ve long admired your work (and wished we were doing it). Goya, Oh Boya! That was memorable and brand reinforcing. Then there was “Go, Goya!” A tagline with a nice call to action that again reinforced the branding – or at least the first two letters of the brand name. But now, “If it’s GOYA – it has to be good!” Well, that just screams “we’ve decided to plagiarize the famous tagline from Smucker’s,” doesn’t it?


This wasn’t some flash-in-the-pan tagline the jelly giant used for one campaign and disposed of. Oh no. This trademarked line was the oft-repeated center of a years-long campaign that became part of pop culture. 


In fact, the explanation behind the meaning of the tagline is prominently featured on Smucker’s current website under “Advertising FAQs”:


The pervasive Smucker’s tagline even inspired the famous “Flucker’s” commercial parody from Saturday Night Live (that’s SNL, for those who know it only via the show’s acronymic nickname):

This brings to bear the question, once again: why are creative agencies simply repackaging previous well-known campaigns for other brands? I don’t have the answer for that. So I’ll leave you with this Smucker’s commercial, in the hopes that it will remind you of simpler times – when agencies took pride in inventing unique taglines: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7Vc1/smuckers-smucker-name


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