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YOLKED Makes Your Protein Work Harder. We’re Making their Social Media Marketing Work Harder.

Is It Time to Make Your Social Media Marketing Work Harder?

Everyone is on social media. So why aren’t your posts getting more engagement – and, more importantly, improving your awareness, affinity, and sales? It’s because everyone is on social media. So in order to make your social media marketing work harder, you need to make sure you have both halves of the equation:

Great Content + Great Social Media Advertising Strategy = Social Media Marketing Success

Social Media Strategies to Avoid

Too many brands find themselves using a “Field of Dreams” strategy: creating beautiful, amazing, thoughtful content that “should be enough to capture views (and hearts)”. The reality is, without an insightful, consistent, paid social media advertising strategy, if you build it they probably won’t come. That’s because the content will never be served up to new potential customers to discover it.

On the flip side, there are brands who employ the “Make it Rain” strategy: putting money behind social posts that either don’t resonate as strong content for the target audience and/or aren’t reaching those target consumers because, well, the targeting isn’t strong enough.

If your brand is employing either of these strategies right now, you probably aren’t getting the results you want. It’s time to make your social media marketing work harder. Here’s an example of how we are helping innovative sports nutrition brand Yolked do just that!

How to Next-Level Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be difficult for established brands – let alone new brands, especially when those new brands represent a revolutionary new concept. That describes Yolked, the nutritional snack that helps elite athletes next-level their muscle health and recovery time.

This breakthrough in sports nutrition leverages a proprietary new ingredient (Fortetropin® – the power of egg yolks), in a new form (a delicious vanilla crumble – different from the smoothie and bar forms that people know), and a new regimen step (taking this in addition to – not instead of – protein supplements, because Yolked actually helps protein work harder).

That’s a lot to understand, especially when people are quickly scrolling through their feeds. To help Yolked’s social media marketing work harder, we are 1) creating scroll-stopping campaigns and 2) serving them up to highly targeted viewers via strategically executed paid social advertising. (Sorry, we can’t share those details.)

So wait: you’re telling me you’re creating the right content for the right consumer and making sure they see it? That doesn’t sound like rocket science…it’s how traditional media works, right? Right. The thing is, too many brands don’t apply the true media rigor that will bring them realistic success. Of course, the content must be appropriate for the media channel — in this case, social feeds.

In short: keeping the “media” part of “social media” top of mind will always help campaigns get better results!

Need to next-level your social media marketing? Give The S3 Agency a shout. Need to next-level your athletic performance? Check out Yolked!

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