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You May Be a Wiener, Er, Winner! #TweetToLease

Introducing the Newly Designed, 2014 Wienermobile

Kraft’s Oscar Mayer has found its way into the spotlight once again, this time without even one verse from its beloved jingle. The brand’s freshly launched #TweetToLease campaign has stirred up a bevy of excitement among bologna fans across the country.
The premise is fairly simple: tweet why you deserve a Wienermobile lease with the hashtag #TweetToLease and you could score a day with the legendary vehicle.
Kraft was able to drum up a great deal of anticipation prior to the Wienermobile unveil. Paid placements with Motor Trend hinted at “the biggest car launch ever on Twitter,” much to the curiosity of car enthusiasts. Without the typical and often complicated barriers to entry, Oscar Mayer has created a truly viral sweepstakes. The contest has garnered a great deal of press attention for its unique approach and highly coveted prize.

Kraft put together paid promotions on both Facebook and Twitter to announce the contest and the investment was definitely worthwhile. Facebook post engagement on the Wienermobile video is over 10x typical activity. The brand has been witty and responsive to the slew of fan comments on Twitter. The lucky winner will provide legs for the lease campaign to grow as the Wienermobile adventure is sure to be captured and shared.
Instead of relying on its “b-o-l-o-g-n-a” jingle, Kraft found a new angle to help advertise the contest beyond Twitter. The McGarry Bowen spot is being hosted on YouTube in addition to a variety of television appearances. The piece pokes fun at the tried and true car commercial format. Close-up shots, classical music, and a voiceover promising performance and vehicular revolution, all often seen in luxury car ads, gives the spot a humorously subtle quip just begging to be shared.  Just three days into the campaign, the video already has 2.5 million views on YouTube.

After dramatically unveiling the bright and shiny new Wienermobile from beneath its billowing white sheet of secrecy, Kraft proceeds with its straightforward call to action. The contest details are shared at the end of the spot in the same amusing way: this limited time offer allows you to apply for a one day lease with just one tweet and 140 characters down. Now who can refuse a deal like that?

~ Christine Perez, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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