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In the wake of consumer outcry for food companies to nix many of their more damaging additives, Subway recently announced that it would be removing a chemical found in yoga mats from its bread, and Kraft announced that it would replace the preservative used in Kraft Singles slices with a natural alternative. While this is good news, as well as a step in the right direction, it also prompts the question: Good Lord, what else is in packaged “foods”? The short answer: probably not what you think, and marketing has everything to do with it. Before you toss that Buffalo-Blue-Cheese-Byproduct-Dip into your shopping cart just because it showcases a happy cow on the container, watch this…and then maybe visit your local farmer’s market instead:


Author’s Note: This video promotes OnlyOrganic.org, a collection of some of the largest organic food producers in the US. As organic farming becomes more corporate, it also becomes fraught with its own marketing falsities so be sure you really know what you’re getting, no matter where you buy from. It’s still a damn good video though.

-Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and Expert Box Label Reader, The S3 Agency


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