POLICY: Generative AI Usage

This policy outlines the current guidelines for the appropriate and ethical use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) at The S3 Agency. It aims to ensure that AI technologies are used to enhance creativity, build efficiency, and ensure client satisfaction while maintaining the ethical, professional, and brand integrity of S3 and our clients.

1. Ethical Usage Guidelines for Generative AI Tools

We believe that AI should be used as a tool to enhance human creativity, not as a substitute for it. Therefore, AI can be utilized at S3 for tasks such as data analysis, trend prediction, and strategic and creative development where it can improve efficiency and outcomes.

  • The S3 Agency may utilize Generative AI for:
    • Generating creative thought starters
    • Research, summarization, and analysis
    • Creating conceptual artwork to convey ideas (comps)
    • Aiding with retouching of human-generated photography and artwork
    • Providing text-to-voice for accessibility purposes
    • Aiding with editing and refining sound and video.
  • It is important to realize that AI-generated work cannot be copyrighted at this time, and therefore may not be “ownable” by S3 or our clients. It is also subject to bias, errors, and hallucinations. Therefore, The S3 Agency will not:
    • Use unverified AI-generated research or analysis
    • Use AI-generated headlines, taglines, or other brand-related copy without thorough editing, fact checking, and verification
    • Use AI-generated visuals, video, music, or voice acting in finished work without disclosing its use to our clients and the public as appropriate
    • Publish fully AI-generated blog posts, articles, or advertisements
    • Use AI to create false, deceptive, or misleading content, including “deep fakes” or other manipulative media.
  • The S3 Agency will seek out AI models trained on diverse and unbiased datasets to ensure fair and inclusive outcomes.
  • AI technologies should be used in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards, and respect intellectual copyright laws.

2. Client Communication and Transparency

We believe that The S3 Agency should help our clients navigate the ever-changing AI landscape. Clear communication about the role of AI in projects, including any limitations or biases, is essential. Therefore, this policy will be shared with all current clients and with new clients when they are onboarded, and will be made available on our website. Further, we will share any rights-management implications when using AI to generate external-facing assets.

3. Data Privacy and Security

We believe in doing our utmost to champion our clients’ brands. Entering confidential client information into open-source Generative AI platforms can expose that information to the world, violating our confidentiality agreements with clients. S3 team members should either ensure that use of the Generative AI is “closed” to the outside world or refrain from entering any confidential information (including agency or client name, as well as any product/service details not already be in the public domain).

4. Quality Control and Human Oversight

We believe that human oversight is required to monitor and evaluate AI-generated content to ensure they meet the agency’s quality standards and ethical guidelines. Regular audits and reviews of AI use within the agency should be conducted to ensure compliance with this policy.

5. Education and Training

We believe that AI will continue to have an accelerating impact on our profession. Therefore, employees and freelancers should receive training on the responsible and ethical use of AI, including understanding its capabilities, limitations, and biases.

  • Systems and procedures for continuous learning, sharing, and training on AI and other technological advances in the creative industry will be developed and maintained.

6. Innovation and Experimentation

We believe that the only way to understand Generative AI is to use it. While maintaining ethical standards, the agency encourages innovation and experimentation with AI to explore new creative avenues and improve service offerings. Having said that, projects involving new or experimental AI technologies should undergo rigorous ethical review and approval before implementation.

7. Reporting and Accountability

Recognizing that AI capabilities and laws are constantly changing and evolving, we will work together to do our best to follow and update these guidelines as needed.

  • Any issues, ethical concerns, or breaches related to AI use must be promptly reported to a member of the agency leadership team for review at an executive level.
  • Individuals and teams are accountable for the AI technologies they deploy and must ensure their alignment with this policy.

Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all employees and contractors, and violations will be addressed appropriately. The policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to adapt to evolving technologies and ethical considerations.