A Grande Gift Card!

By December 6, 2012 November 1st, 2022 No Comments

Gift cards have come a long way, baby. These days, people can choose from personalized designs and even pay for clever holders. But Starbucks is taking card gifting to a whole new level with their new Metal Starbucks Card, sold exclusively through luxury site What’ll the stainless steel card cost you? $450, with $400 going to your giftee and $50 covering the cost to make it. Now that’s a lot of beans – and it won’t cover the cost of coffee-for-a-year for the true Starbucks addict. Nonetheless, it seems like the perfect gift for the person who either has everything or wants nothing more than their daily Starbucks experience. (Although at this price, it should really come with cut-to-the-head-of-the-line perks!)


~ Stefanie Fernandez, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency