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Hanes just released the latest commercial for their X-Temp technology underwear – featuring none other than basketball legend Michael Jordan. The brand has 25 years in with Jordan as their spokesperson…so can they keep the creativity fresh? Let’s take a look.

X-Temp technology is supposed to help Hanes’ new underwear keep you cool and dry regardless of body temperature. In this spot Jordan puts an X-Temp technology tester to the test to see if the high-tech underthings can, shall we say, take the heat. Jordan quietly yet intimidatingly lingers over an X-Temp technology tester who is attempting to get his golf game on…and…that’s it…the end…done.

We just watch as the sad sap tries to deal with the pressure of playing golf in front of Jordan. We see the sad sap having a tough day on the green filled with embarrassing moments – like retrieving his ball from a tree and backing his golf cart into another. Yet none of these moments scream that super-undergarment-technology was required and, frankly, they just aren’t that funny.

Thankfully this commercial was so boring that no balls could have been hurt in the making. Have 30 sec? Go ahead and knock yourself out:

~ Stefanie Fernandez, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency

Editor’s Note: Ironically, our patented “Campaign Success Predictor” chart would rate this spot all budget and no balls!


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