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App Review: Orchestra Inc’s “Mailbox”

By the time you finish reading this sentence, your email will probably have received several urgent reminders from work, a few notifications from your social networks, and thousands of Groupons you never asked for the in the first place. Wading through these emails can seem like a chore, but mobile application company Orchestra Inc.’s new free “Mailbox” app for your iPhone aims to change that (at least for Gmail users).

Unlike traditional email apps, Mailbox treats each email more like a conversation than an individual piece of mail. The app is designed to allow users to use different swipe gestures to delete and archive messages. In addition to these standard features, Mailbox also offers users the option to organize messages into customizable lists to read later, or set reminders for messages to be reviewed at a later date or time. The app also rewards users who empty out their mailbox conversations with a new daily photo that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. 


Unfortunately, with so many people looking to download the app, there is a waiting line to set up your Mailbox. Something else to note: when Mailbox synchronizes with your Gmail account, all of the changes made on the Mailbox app will occur across your entire email (including mailbox applications on your computer, other mobile apps, and Gmail itself). Although this may cause a bit of confusion in the beginning, if you commit to it you’ll find that Mailbox will help you handle your email more efficiently than ever before.


 The S3 Agency give Orchestra Inc’s Mailbox app 2 “S”s out of 3!

~ Matt DiCiero, Social Media Coordinator, The S3 Agency






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