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AT&T Campaign Dials Up the Message: Put the Phone Down

As an avid user of my iPhone for everything from texting to managing my bank account, I know all too well how difficult it can be to stop and put the phone down while driving. Although many campaigns revolve around preventing texting or calling while driving, I think we easily forget that people are now using their phones for much more. 

AT&T’s 2014 campaign “It Can Wait” (www.itcanwait.com) encouraged people to text #X to alert friends and family that they are about to get in a vehicle. Now, with their 2015 “It Can (All) Wait”, AT&T has evolved their campaign by connecting with the other activities people are doing on their phones: taking pictures, Facebook, SnapChat, CandyCrush, and Tinder can take your attention away from the road, too. The campaign features “No blank is worth a life,” where viewers can fill in with whatever word applies to them: selfie, email, date, etc. 

By building on the equity of their “It Can Wait” campaign and broadening the meaning, AT&T is doing a great job reminding people that taking a selfie while driving or at a red light IS distracting and potentially dangerous. In fact, it can be just as dangerous as texting while driving. It is a life-saving message that too many people forget. With “It Can (All) Wait” and other safe-driving initiatives such as the DriveMode app, which auto-replies to people when they call or text you, AT&T is sending a simple yet vital message, put your phone away when you’re driving. #ItCanWait

~ Tiffany LaSpina, Sr. Account Executive, The S3 Agency


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