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Unlike many other consumer goods, cars are usually not something you purchase on an impulse. One of the ways car makers try to stay top of mind is to point out features their car has that no one else does – but in today’s day and age, that is becoming more difficult. Even economy cars have many of the fancy features previously reserved for the luxury set – things like high-end stereos and backup cameras. Check out Kia’s new ad: Kia takes a common feature in new cars (the backup camera) and points it out in a new and fun way on their specific model. The goal here is to make you think of that terrified bunny (dramatic music included) the next time you inch your car into your garage, which is an experience anyone can relate to.  So the next time you’re car shopping – or twisting your head to back it up – Kia hopes you’ll remember the bunny. And the bunny hopes you’ll remember Kia.   ~ Mike D’Ambrosio, Interactive Art Director and Automotive Enthusiast, The S3 Agency


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