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On Christmas morning as I sat on my in-laws’ living room floor attempting to find daylight from somewhere under the piles of wrapping paper that towered over me, I had an epiphany: my son, my only child and the first grandchild in the family (translation: one lucky kid when it comes to presents), had made it through Christmas without receiving one gift that required batteries. OK, there was the Hess Truck, but that’s a tradition. Otherwise, there were tinker toys, puzzles, games and all kinds of goodies to fuel his curious little brain and body in the coming months.

Then I got to thinking about the New Year: no one resolves to “get in more screen time” or “take their couch-potato status to a new level.” It’s about getting out more, being more creative, more mindful, more active and unplugging, at least as much as we can. Perhaps that’s why I loved this holiday commercial from The Sports Authority’s so much.

Now that the holidays are over I’d love to see it rescripted and perhaps geared a little more towards adults since an active lifestyle is one that benefits anybody, whether playing team sports or taking a solo hike in the woods. The message is a great one for Sports Authority to build their entire brand upon. Why limit it to the holiday season?

~ Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and Real Life Embracer, The S3 Agency


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