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Beats By Dre: Brand Amping

New brand amping spot for Beats By Dre may just amp your life.

I love going to a good sporting event. Working out. Or just watching the game at home. All of it has a kind of euphoria behind it. Capturing that feeling in an ad is something we’ve seen for many athletic brands like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor. It’s usually very successful – and bordering on a little tired. Not so with the new Beats By Dre spot!

The appropriately named “Be Heard” commercial gets your head in the game with famous athletes – such as Tom Brady, Lebron James, and Cam Newton – pounding their chests along to The White Stripes’ perennial jock jam, “Seven Nation Army.”


So why am I reporting on this? Sometimes there is a formula for a reason: it works. Not only am I excited to watch some high energy sports this weekend, I’m also ready to put on some Beats By Dre headphones and kill it at the gym. Serena Williams wears Beats, in my head I can wear Beats and become Serena Williams. Works every time.


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