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Best American Football Commercial Ever

It’s almost Super Bowl – the day when all eyes are on those in helmets and the commercials that appear in between plays. Yes, Super Bowl is also Advertising Day, and in honor of both sports we are sharing what we consider to be the best commercial featuring an American Football (ie, not Soccer) Player. Ever.

Granted, there are a lot of great TV spots featuring football greats – current and past. But the 1979 Coke ad starring Pittsburgh Steelers legend “Mean Joe” Greene and a cute kid outranks them all. For those who saw it back in the day, I’m sure you remember this spot – that’s how much it stood out. For those who didn’t, you’re about to get a treat – and a true lesson in an ad that works on every single level (which is why it’s getting blogged about 34 years after it ran). Enjoy:

Why this football commercial is #1:

  1. Brand / product is clearly memorable, something agencies and advertisers forget all too often in their quest to create something cool.
  2. Celebrity talent is perfectly cast…“mean” football guy turns nice thanks to drinking the product (fulfilling the tagline promise, Have a Coke and a Smile – still one of the all-time amazing slogans).
  3. Cats and Kids – when they work, they really work (think Darth Vader Jr. in the VW ad), and here the kid really works.

These 3 elements combine beautifully to paint a sincere, entertaining, emotional picture that illustrates the brand promise and stands out from the advertising crowd. And that’s why, for my money, it’s the best ad featuring a football star ever – and one of the truly hall-of-fame-worthy ads of all-time.

~ @AdvertGirl (aka Denise Blasevick, CEO, The S3 Agency)


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