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Blood Into Art?

About 8 years ago I was introduced to Jordan Eagles at my sister-in-law’s place in upstate NY. He was the quiet guy at the party who struck up a conversation with me. I found out shortly in that he was an artist from Short Hills, NJ – right in our agency’s backyard. He even had a small portfolio of his work with him – and his work was gorgeous. His medium? Cow’s blood acquired by a local slaughterhouse.

These meticulous methods and executions incorporating resin, cheesecloth, copper and more all came together to make beautiful pieces of art that include sculpture, painting, video and even light installations.
Since blood is a source of life, Jordan’s work represents more the beauty of living than that of death – although it evokes the connection between both. I believe it’s best viewed for the end result, not necessarily the key ingredient in his medium which may or may not turn potential viewers off.

I didn’t think twice about checking out his gallery show when he came through NYC back in 2007. Years later, I’m excited to see that Eagles has made a serious impression on the world of modern art. This one is happening right now in Boston.

You can check out all his other work here. (Hard to believe True Blood hasn’t connected with Eagles to promote the final season…)

~ Michael Kolatac, Sr. Art Director, The S3 Agency


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