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Bloody Brilliant: UK’s Bodyform Facebook Response

While brands should and must be responsive to complaints in social media as in all other arenas, cyber-bullying has become far too common among consumers – with brands all-too-often cowering in the corner, waiting for the next Twitter terrorist to attack. British advertising, long recognized in the industry as some of the most brilliant work, has now pushed the cheeky envelope in terms of responding to a Facebook complaint. The brand is Bodyform, maker of panty liners and pads.

First, here’s the complaint made by one Richard Neill, who suggests the company has lied via its advertising about its products making “that time of the month” a great time:

Bodyform recognized the humorous tone of this “complaint” on their Facebook page (which has received over 80,000 “likes” and counting) and seized the opportunity to turn it into something bigger (which is the exact opposite of what most brands want to do with social media complaints). They released a video response from their “CEO” (an actress), who apologizes…not.

Everything about this video is, well, bloody brilliant. Not to mention the fact that Bodyform had the balls (pardon the mixed metaphors) to do this humorous video in the first place. And that’s how a British maxipad brand has suddenly upped its awareness (even here in the US) and separated itself from its competition by a mile. Or a kilometer.

~ @AdvertGirl


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