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Branding Vitamin Gen Y

On Sunday morning, I found myself wandering around Target, browsing the aisles for the unnecessary but appealing items that may draw my attention away from what I actually came into the store to purchase. Along my journey of retail discovery, I ended up in the vitamin aisle, looking for granola bars. There, I found this large, bright, clean display of color-coordinated vitamins lined up perfectly on store shelves. Want to reach Millennial women? Pretty packaging and design is a good start, and Olly supplements caught my eye.

As a member of Gen Y, nutrition and alternative health care is important to me – however, supplements weren’t high on my radar. That’s probably because of the harsh after-tasting horse pills lots of drugstores offer. It just seems like a grueling chore to take daily vitamins, let alone to remember taking them.

Olly vitamins – founded by Brad Harrington and Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method (a cleaning products company) – decided to take a shot at cleaning up the vitamin aisle. The idea: to make supplements more enjoyable for Millennials, why not create grown-up fruity flavor gummies? To achieve the right balance of fun and serious, these tasty “treats” are formulated into sophisticated categories like Beauty, Sleep, Energy, and Calm (to name a few). Each Olly is designed to provide a benefit that women of my generation can relate to now and as we get older.

Speaking of design, Olly really nailed the packaging! Ditching the ordinary brown-colored bottles and using an easily-stackable, rounded-squared bottle wrapped in bright colored labels with simple bold graphics screams “buy me, put me in your medicine chest / on your nightstand, and greet each day with me!”

Do they work? Well, I don’t know about the medical efficacy of the supplements themselves yet, but I have found myself going back to that aisle and testing out new vitamins from the line. The Millennial-driven brand is right on target, literally, and I think it will revolutionize the vitamin game by turning a daily chore that’s “not for me” into a treat!

~ Jazmine Rodriguez, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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