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Brands We Love: SpikedSeltzer

Health Conscious Booze Is All That Is Right In The World

Summer is officially here, which means many of us will be spending our weekends outdoors and at the shore. I’m a big fan of basking in the sun with a cold beer, but after a long winter of going to the gym four days a week, the last thing I want to do is be bloated in a bikini.

Enter SpikedSeltzer.

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Initially I was drawn in by the packaging. Its simplistic design with bright colors and a  mermaid emblem just screams summer. And when I found out that it only contains 6 ingredients, is infused with fresh fruit, and has 6% alcohol content, I realized SpikedSeltzer is every dieter’s dream. If you enjoy alcohol but want to stay away from bland beers or sugary sweet cocktails, SpikedSeltzer is the perfect fit. Low carb, gluten free, and no added sugar puts this beverage in a category of its own.



However, SpikedSeltzer isn’t the only alternative alcoholic beverage on the market. The wildly popular Not Your Father’s Root Beer made a splash in the past couple of years, opening up a new market for alternative alcoholic beverages. Being health conscious is very “on trend”, and smart brands are capitalizing on that. SpikedSeltzer embodies a true guilt-free alcoholic beverage. Featured in publications such as BuzzFeed, Food Network, Shape, The O Magazine (OMG Oprah drinks this?!), and Cosmopolitan, it’s safe to say SpikedSeltzer is creating quite the buzz. (Get it… creating a buzz – like when you’re drunk, yes? no? Okay carry on.)

From their website: “Imagine a drink that is low-carb, gluten-free, less filling than a beer, packs as much alcohol as a glass of wine, but leaves you refreshed. Sounds like a dream come true?”

And it is. I have the empty six pack to prove it.

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