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Brian Donohue and NJ.com Raise Banner in Support of New Flag

Following the on-going saga of New Jersey’s terrible state flag (a previous blog post topic)…

Our loyal readers will recall an issue I have with New Jersey’s state flag. Namely, it’s crap, and doesn’t sniff New Jersey’s character. How does this possibly represent the brand that is the Garden State?

Luckily, I’m not alone in this field. Brian Donohue of NJ.com has opined on the issue, and has opened the gates to accept new flag proposals. The endgame being that’ll he’ll march them down to Trenton and lobby for a changing of our state sigil. Arguably, he’s putting the cart before the horse, as New Zealand had established a committee and taken a national poll recognizing the need for a new flag before accepting submissions from the public, but New Jersey’s dingy banner needs public scrutiny to spur change.

Much like good flag design, this post has been left intentionally simple. You can submit your designs and read Brian’s musings, HERE.

~ Chase Cambria, Flag-waving Jr. Copywriter, The S3 Agency


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