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Bud Light Ignites the 7-Year-Old in Me

I vividly remember the first time I played Pac Man. It was at a penny candy store, and there were not enough quarters in the world to keep me happy. I vividly remember the Christmas morning the family got Atari  – and the first game I played was Pac Man. My hand ached for a month from playing. I forced myself to wake up early in the morning so I could get some game in before my older brothers woke up. 

Fast forward to 2015 and I am officially jealous. Bud Light built a life size Pac Man game and (supposedly) surprised a random bar patron by inserting him into the game. The human-sized Pac Man game is part of their #UpForWhatever campaign. What we know is that the ad will run during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl – and that Bud Light just tapped into the dreams of every child of the 80s. The only thing child of the 80s youth might object to is the horrible DJ playing techno during the game… but we are used to not getting everything we want anyway. Right?

~ Jaime Hamel, @StopHamelTime & Digital Strategiest, The S3 Agency


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