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Buzz about Burt’s Bees

There are many crunchy brands out there, but few have made mainstream inroads like Burt’s Bees…who has once again created a clever new buzz around the launch of a new product. Burt’s Bees “Intense Hydration” line features natural hydration, courtesy of a Mediterranean-based herb “Clary sage” – which is supposed to provide highly visible results. So in good ol’ consumer packaged goods tradition, they decided to introduce it with coupons…coupons that actually demonstrated how their new line brings out the beauty beneath dry, dead outer layers of skin. This billboard, located at a Minneapolis farmers’ market, had a “surface” containing 1,300 coupons (for $3 each). As consumers peeled them away, a more youthful looking complexion emerged. Pretty clever…

…but Burt’s Bees didn’t stop there. They leveraged that experience with a time-lapsed YouTube video that showed the effect (above). They then leveraged their YouTube video by having their own ad on the ad space at bottom – encouraging viewers to click for their own $3 coupon.

Click and it brings you to their Facebook page, where you then have to “like” the coupon (interesting)…

Love it all so far. The only downfall? Technology. I clicked on the coupon, had to download a coupon driver (which I did, but many consumers won’t bother doing) – only to have the coupon not print correctly and refuse to let me try again. That last part is really lame, as it costs Burt’s Bees the trigger-pulling opportunity that will influence many. Now, instead of being reminded to purchase via printed coupon I carry around in my purse, I’ll have to either A) remember on my own (unlikely) or B) happen upon the product in the store and remember I was interested in trying. Either way, I won’t have the $3 incentive – but hopefully by the time either A or B happen, I’ll get over that.

~ @AdvertGirl


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