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Can guess which brand this holiday ad is for (before the logo appears)?

Can guess which brand this holiday ad is for (before the logo appears)?

This contender for “most touching holiday ad of 2015″ comes to us from a rather unexpected brand. Go ahead, play “Guess That Brand!” by watching the video below – before you read the text that follows.


Yes, this ad carries an “SFW” tag from a brand that typically doesn’t get much play at work – or at least, not much approved play. Low-hanging…*ahem*…fruit aside, it’s another thumbs up for smut peddlers PornHub. If you recall their racy Times Square billboard advert from last year (which, in this copywriter’s humble opinion, sucked), then you know the vivid video service has no problem being the most vocal perverts on the block.


Climbing to the front pages of Reddit, HuffPo, and AdWeek, it’s a reminder that letting your product do the talking is a tried and true formula. Zero words spoken, decent-at-best acting, and negligible video direction yields a viral sensation. Someone at PornHub is patting themselves in places best left to the imagination.


Enjoy the holidays, fellow ad lovers. Be brave with your creative, and fearful when clearing your search history.


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