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Can Marketing Save Larry the Lobster?

Turns out it’s been a banner year for harvesting Maine lobster, making per-pound-prices nosedive down to about $1.50 from about $4 at this time last year. Great for lobster eaters – not so great for lobster catchers, who have to work three times as hard (and spend more money on boat fuel) and are worried about long-term effects.

Enter the Maine Lobster Lover Celebration – a commercial from the Maine Lobster Council, and part of a bigger effort to draw attention to all things lobster. 

While it’s nice that they are advertising, declaring August “Lobster Month,” seeking a $3 million promo budget and more, I have to wonder if they have considered reaching out to Eddie Murphy. Slicing off part of that budget and having Mr. Murphy reprise his SNL skit for the greater good of lobster lovers everywhere might be their golden YouTube ticket. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (or who do and just want to see that great SNL sketch one more time), here’s the link.

~ @AdvertGirl


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