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Can MySpace Come Back?

MySpace officially relaunched this month – with a $20 Million new ad campaign to reintroduce itself. The site is planning on running the campaign across broadcast, radio and digital properties. Can this really help the troubled social network make a comeback? When most people think of MySpace, their first thought is usually “that’s the old Facebook, right?

MySpace should have gone to great glory since it was around long before Facebook. However, when dominant Facebook surfaced in 2003, MySpace started becoming stagnant vs. the quickly improving Facebook. So why invest so much to fight an uphill battle now? The quick answer is they are not.

The smartest thing MySpace is doing is that it’s no longer trying compete with Facebook. Instead they are now mostly focusing on music and creativity. Judging by their new interface and layout, I feel like the’ve nailed it. It’s clean, organized, and minimalistic. This is sure to win back the creative hearts of many who are now beginning to feel that Facebook is becoming too cluttered and oversaturated.

Check out this new spot from their relaunch campaign:

Do you think they can come back?

~ Walid Elshahed, Web Designer, The S3 Agency 


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