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Captain Morgan Likes the Ladies…

…which seems to be the audience they’re reaching with their “Secret Passage” ad, intentionally or otherwise. About 6 months into the campaign, it is still going strong – I just saw the :30 version during the first game of the NLDS (congrats Nats), a prime media buy. Admittedly, it’s also a media buy aimed at the male audience, but take a look at the ad itself:

I mean, the sheer beauty of this commercial screams “female target.” Then the bad boy gets the girl…again, another strong girl-hook. The Jack White-sounding music (You Rascal You by Hanni El Khatib) is another lady lure, with the same sort of sensual appeal as the True Blood theme song – or even Chris Issak’s Wicked Game

The only part of this spot that truly seems guy-oriented is the gorgeous Gal Gadot who chooses the exciting captain over the high-society culture she’s “stuck” in. (Poor thing.) However, she also appeals to women who can A) appreciate her beauty and B) fantasize about being in her shoes as Morgan whisks her into an underground world of dangerous fun. 

So while spiced rum may be the drink of pirates, methinks that the Captain is broadening his appeal.

~ @AdvertGirl


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