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The Pepto Squirrel. Neither the most famous nor the most beloved of brand mascots…but heck, he’s only been around for a little while. In case you haven’t seen the commercial for “Pepto-to-go,” take a look:

But what I’m really digging is the Pepto squirrel’s Twitter activity. @pepto is a fun account to follow…and it captures the quirky “out there”-ness of this campaign perfectly. The brand is clearly down with “having balls to stand out” – and frankly, I haven’t heard this many people talking about diarrhea since I was in grade school.

Pepto Squirrel on tweeters calling him creepy (which he is): 

Pepto Squirrel tweeting shout outs to other brand mascots:

Pepto Squirrel being quoted by others:

Now, not everything coming from @Pepto is from the squirrel – and one might argue that it should be. However, the tonality from non-squirrel posts is great as well, hooking into pop culture and everyday references with sarcastic aplomb:

If I were handling Pepto’s tweets, however, they’d all be coming from the furry rodent’s mouth. Twitter is full of clever tweets trying to out-clever each other all day long. Pepto Squirrel, however, has folks talking. Now if only he’d tweet me a nice “cha cha cha.”

~ @AdvertGirl (aka Denise Blasevick, CEO, The S3 Agency)


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