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Is price the deciding factor when people shop your brand?
It’s time for something different.

The S3 Agency helps decommoditize CPG brands through differentiated advertising, marketing, and PR that get noticed – and get results.

If you’re ready to be different, let’s talk.
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Consumer Packaged Goods

How much of a difference can differentiation make for CPG marketing? Just ask our clients:

Social Media Activations:

“Our social media ads don’t really work.” We hear you. When Tetley Tea launched its British blends line, we needed some scroll stoppers. Very proper animals drinking tea did the trick, got the click, and had consumers trying a new cuppa.

Customer Journey
& Email Marketing:

 “Our email is stale.” It happens – even to brands made with the freshest ingredients, like Rao’s Homemade. After The S3 Agency refreshed their customer journey and email creative, this premium-priced brand went from #10 to #1. Coincidence? We think not.

Garden Weasel Transplanter ad

Digital Advertising:
Garden Weasel

“We don’t dig our digital advertising results.” You may need better creative and a better media plan – and we’ve got both in spades. We helped Garden Weasel grow their transplanter sales with ads that got straight to the point. (Ask us about the media plan!)

Website Design & Development:
Noosa Yoghurt

“Our website is so pre-pandemic.” Oof. If the world has changed and your digital front door hasn’t, we’ve got a tasty solution. Thanks to our collaboration with Noosa Yoghurt, their brand now has a website as yummy as their yoghurt.

Public Relations:

“We don’t get enough love from the media.” That’s so unfair, especially if you’re a challenger brand like Carbona. We helped this cleaning brand get its unfair share of media coverage (like almost 5 BILLION impressions in top tier outlets last year), driving awareness, distribution, and sales. Oh yeah.


Eight O’Clock Coffee

“Our team is sick of managing a bunch of agencies.” And let’s not forget the hours wasted on redundant account management! The S3 Agency’s favorite thing ever is conceiving and executing a seriously differentiated turnkey omni-channel activation…like the KPI-crushing digital escape room we created for Eight O’Clock Coffee. (Average engagement time: just under one hour!)

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Brand Elevation:

“Our brand is having an identity crisis.” This happens to most brands from time to time; don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out who you A.R.E., differentiated in a way that is Authentic to your brand, Relevant to your target market, and Easy to understand. Our approach rejuvenated 50-year-old skincare brand Cococare as #RealDealSkincare – and now their marketing works just as well as their affordable, high-quality skincare!


A lot of brands say they want to be decommoditized, but they don’t pull the trigger on differentiation. There are so many reasons why. The most common reason: marketers fear alienating the buyers they already have.

That’s what’s so awesome about our approach: we’re not just different for the sake of being different. (That can backfire.) By focusing on your brand’s authentic differentiation that is most relevant to your audience, we provide the clarity you need to maximize your marketing impact.

Let’s have a chat. It’ll be painless, we promise. And it just may be your first step toward decommoditization.