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It has been one month since the New Year. And like many others, I personally struggle with resolutions focused on self improvement. Life goes by too fast, work can be too hard, the days aren’t long enough, etc. One can easily become derailed from well-meaning goals. Sometimes we need to get a bit creative to achieve the every day successes. And if you’re like me, you tend to do more when what you do benefits someone else as well.

This is why I would like to get the word out about a creative concept called “Charity Miles.” This simple, free app for your iPhone or Android records the distance you travel when you walk, run, or bike – and then donates to a charity of your choice based on that distance. Bikers can earn up to 10¢ per mile; walkers and runners can earn up to 25¢ per mile. So who pays? The money is donated courtesy of corporate sponsors such as the ASPCA, Stand Up To Cancer, Wounded Warrior Project, and many more.

This is a very creative way to turn chores into more – without making people beg their friends and family to become personal sponsors. The corporations backing Charity Miles are allowing people to make a difference for themselves and for meaningful organizations simply by doing more of what they should be doing.

So maybe like me, you can give that resolution a second chance and help others with a Saturday morning jog. To find out more about Charity Miles, just click here.

~ Kevin Paccione, Graphic Designer, The S3 Agency


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