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We’ve all been there. You’ve boarded a flight, the doors have closed and the flight attendant has told you to power down any portable electronics. What comes next is five minutes of the flight crew doing everything they can to force you to watch their safety video. The optimist says, we’ll be fine. I don’t need to listen to this. The pessimist says none of this information is useful when you’re going down at 600mph. So, you find the Sky Mall and seriously considering purchasing a water proof speaker that holds your iPhone in the pool.

But, what if you had a reason to watch the safety video? What if you actually went out of your way to watch it? Delta Airlines had the same thought process when they completely reinvented the safety video. They found a way to take a consumer’s pain point during flying and flip it by creating the funniest and most entertaining way to talk about flight safety possible. The best part is that the script has not changed one word, but the visuals tell an entirely different story.

The most recent concept is straight out of the movie Airplane, with an 80s theme. A holiday version launched towards the end of 2013 as well. And while some would question what sort of ROI you can get for a video that’s featured AFTER you have already bought your ticket and boarded, the truth is that in the social world we live in, the spot was posted on YouTube on 1/28/14 and three days later, is already well past a million views. How many of those viewers will keep Delta top of mind when they are considering their next trip?

80s themed:

Holiday themed:

And remember: the exits might be behind you…like, decades behind you.

~ Matt Mauriello, Account Director, The S3 Agency


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