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DHL Prank Delivers!

OK, we know UPS is brown, FedEx has a hidden arrow in its logo, and DHL…well, what do we know about DHL that differentiates it from its competition? Now we know, thanks to DHL’s very clever PR prank that put UPS to work delivering their message: DHL IS FASTER.

This is an example of a creative idea that was hard to pull off – and probably had many naysayers when it was first suggested. It’s also an idea that, if it didn’t work, nobody would hear about it – so the risk was low. But if it worked…

Here’s what DHL did: they wrapped large packages in thermoactive foil and made them so cold that the paper turned black. Those packages were given to UPS to deliver to “difficult-to-find” city addresses – which would be just another day in the life of a UPS delivery person except for the fact that, by the time delivery came, the packages had warmed up and revealed the real message. The oversized packages were actually bright yellow with “DHL IS FASTER” emblazoned across the front in large red letters.

In short: UPS workers were being spotted carrying giant yellow billboards that screamed “DHL IS FASTER.” Mortifying, yet they had to do what they were contracted to do. Pretty sneaky, DHL. (And kudos to UPS for being professionals about the whole thing.) I wonder if FedEx was intentionally left out or if they were targeted as well and just didn’t play along?

~ @advertgirl, The S3 Agency


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