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Did Amazon Fire TV Brand the Secret to Happiness in the Bedroom?

In case brands are wondering, Amazon proves that sex still sells

There comes a time in every relationship when things get a bit boring under the sheets—while watching television in bed, that is. Amazon Fire has turned this common issue into marketing gold with the launch of its Show Hole commercial.

Launched in April and airing in households nationwide, Show Hole proposes a solution for couples stuck in a channel surfing rut: ditch network television and purchase an Amazon Fire TV stick.

Show Hole opens with a couple laying in bed flipping through stations, while an obviously fed-up woman shoots her man a dirty look before flipping on her side to sleep. It then cuts to a scene with the bed spilt in two; with one half sent drifting away. The man has entered the Show Hole, a dark, stalagmite-ridden chasm that separates him from his girlfriend.

From there, the man envisions that his girlfriend has left him for her ex-boyfriend, with whom she is now cuddling in bed and clearly having a satisfying TV-watching experience. Once the man gets Amazon Fire TV, which touts “its TV brain knows your TV heart,” he wins back his babe. Together, they make-up binge and bid their Show Hole farewell.

In a bold move, television networks are actually promoting their competitor and airing this commercial. The #showhole featured in the commercial is particularly relevant now that networks have announced the shows they’ve canceled—some, like Grandfathered, which didn’t even get to air series finales—and Twitter users are seeking suggestions for new series to watch. With any luck for Amazon Fire TV, they’ll come across a Show Hole post and get their happy endings.



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