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Do You Buy Shaq in a Buick?

A hybrid himself, Shaq has taken his talents from the court to commercials – not to mention his All-Star Comedy Jam. But every time I see his ad for the Buick LaCrosse, I have to wonder if people can buy the Big Daddy behind the wheel of a mom-mobile. Let’s see…


Do I buy Shaq as a “Size Authority”? Sure. Do I buy the way he walks down the stairs, wincing for him as those knees show years of pro-ball damage? No doubt. Do I believe that he has shoes bigger (and more stylish) than most hybrids? Well, who wouldn’t love that line.

As persuasive as all of this may be, however, the actual visual of Shaq crammed into the LaCrosse makes it hard, if not impossible, for me to see him in this “stylish yet fuel-efficient” vehicle. Which is probably just fine, since Buick’s target market is almost certainly people under 7 feet tall.

~ @AdvertGirl (Note: this piece on Shaqvertising reprinted from my original post on ProjectShanks with their permission)


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