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Do you want Glossier to be your brand friend?

Brands Launched from Successful Blogs Can Become Instant Friends

When was the last time you took beauty advice from a magazine? I’m talking about the things made out of shiny paper collecting dust at Barnes and Noble. Yeah, I can’t remember either. Social media has completely revolutionized the beauty industry. Today women are more likely to consult a teenager vlogging from their bedroom before an elite fashion editor.

Finally, beauty brands are catching on to this thing called the internet. Glossier is the first luxury makeup and skin care line to fully embrace social media.  Marketed and sold entirely online, Glossier became successful not through brick and mortar stores but its engaged community on social media and founder Emily Weiss’ blog Into the Gloss.

Describing itself as “a beauty brand you want to be friends with,” Glossier makes up for the comfort of physical stores with tons of fun and informative social content. Product demonstrations are done by employees on Facebook live streams while chatting with followers and by Weiss in her own bathroom.

Launched in 2010,  Weiss’ blog was a trusted source among makeup lovers before her own product line was even a gleam in her eye. So when Glossier was first announced, customers were already creating 60,000 person waiting lists for the promising products.

I was so excited to receive my first order from Glossier that you’d think a puppy and not a face mask was inside the box. Below are three of the many photos I took while documenting the experience.

Why do Millennials love this brand? Because it gets us. It’s authentic. And it doesn’t try to hard. It achieves that perfect balance of being the right stuff at the right time in the right place…just like a good friend.


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