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Dove Does It Again

The latest installment of Dove’s mission to encourage positive self-image in real women has gotten a lot of attention this week. For a three minute video ad posted on YouTube this week, Dove hired a forensic sketch artist and had him sketch women based on their own self-descriptions and then sketch them again based on the description of strangers who didn’t know the women.

The results, and the women’s reactions to them, were pretty powerful, highlighting the fact that women are almost always their own harshest critic. The public’s reaction has also been strong: 19 million views so far in the first week. See it for yourself:

From their Real Women ad campaign to their video that went viral a couple of years ago showing the process that took a model from drab to fab, Dove has been doing a fantastic job over the years of staying true to that core message of appreciating real beauty through various advertising and social media efforts.

~ Ali Gogarty, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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