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Eracism: Controversial Cheerios Commercial Not So Controversial…

…at least that is the case to these kids, a fine example of how racism is being erased by the next generation. About six weeks ago, Cheerios released a commercial that got tons of coverage (see our blog post from June 4, 2013). Basically, their “Just Checking” commercial – officially intended to show the heart-healthy benefits of the cereal, and possibly unofficially intended to derive some buzz by casting a mixed-race family. The Cheerios spot has about 3.5 million views on YouTube.

Cut to this new video, “Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial,” which already has close to 1.5 million YouTube views. The video is created by a group that captures kids’ reactions to viral videos – an interesting concept, one that marketers should be paying attention to. The result? The kids can’t figure out what could possibly be controversial about this cute little video. When they are told what the issue is, they are shocked and dismayed.

So enjoy these little words of wisdom, direct from the mouths of babes:

~ @AdvertGirl


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