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Eric Kelly’s Going To *^#%(@$! You Up & You’re Going to Like It

Eric Kelly’s Twitter bio reads “Celebrity fitness trainer. 4X national boxing champ. 2X NYC Golden Glove champ. 2000 USA Olympic Boxing team alternate.” But what he may end up most known for is the video “Best Boxing Trainer Ever” that he uploaded to YouTube a few weeks ago. Ostensibly a glimpse into his sadistic training style, this may be the best ad I’ve ever seen for a fitness facility – and here, that facility is NY Boxing Gym. Take a look – it’s worth the 4:33 investment:

Kelly is offensive but lovable in a Stockholm-syndrome kind of way. Think you’re excelling at your upper cut. Wrong – it’s terrible. Think you’re getting in better shape? Wrong – all the nerds are having a convention on your body. Think you should be working out at NY Boxing Gym? Wrong again – Kelly doesn’t carry a briefcase and try to type (his words) like those Wall Street guys, why should they come try to box?

Yet somehow this comes together in some bizarre synergistic way to inspire Kelly’s “miscreant” clients to try harder. It certainly made me want to watch the video repeatedly – and lines from the video were immediately added to everyday conversation at my home. (I never found myself repeating Jack LaLanne quotes.) This video is destined for viral success. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be following @EricKelly in 5…4…3…

~ @AdvertGirl

Note: this post originally ran 6/13/12 on ProjectShanks.com and is reposted here with their permission. Link to original article.


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