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Few would argue the fact that books have the ability to change the course of human history. Usually, it’s the words within the pages that do the work, but in this particular book it’s the pages themselves: meet The Drinkable Book, the beautiful and functional result of a partnership between DDB New York and Water is Life.

As the accompanying promotional video explains, “every year, 3.4 million people die from water-related diseases.” The Drinkable Book not only educates about the causes and dangers of contaminated waters, it provides an invaluable fix for them: its pages are made from paper coated with particles of silver that enable it to filter out 99 percent of harmful bacteria from contaminated water, rendering it as safe as tap water here in the states. The paper is inexpensive to produce and each filter can last up to 30 days, meaning each book can give its owner up to 4 years’ worth of clean water.

This combination of humanitarian effort, scientific innovation and beautiful, simple design make for an award-worthy piece that has the potential to change the lives of millions. Watch the video here:

~ Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and Chief Environmental Correspondent, The S3 Agency


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