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Final Wrap Up as an S3 PR Intern

It is time to say goodbye…

As I sit at a nifty glass desk in the PR department of The S3 Agency for the last time, I only have one word to summarize my feelings right now: bitters3weet.S3 PR Internship - Last Day

I can quickly recall walking in here at 9 a.m. on May 23rd, flush-faced and extremely anxious. I barely slept the night before. A thousand questions and scenarios were running through my head. Now it is three months later, and I am wondering where the time went.

The past summer at this incredible agency has been truly wonderful and unforgettable.

The S3-ers in every department have been so welcoming and engaging. They gave me the opportunity to work on numerous projects that I never thought I would picture myself completing. From being a hand model for an Eight O’Clock Coffee ice cubes video to creating social media posts for Turtle Back Zoo to testing out tasty recipes for a client website, I have covered many aspects of S3’s Brand Elevation ™ services. It’s all about the clients.S3 PR Internship - Headshot

S3 even took professional headshots of me! I am walking away with a real headshot to add to my LinkedIn profile.

Every S3-er has a story. I am inspired and desire to follow in their footsteps. Denise, co-founder and CEO, is a role model. I want to be in her shoes one-day. She puts her staff first. I will miss gathering in the kitchen for the infamous Monday morning huddles and listening to Denise spread the word on the latest happenings.

S3 PR Internship - Cat Rescue

I have felt like a member of the team. Back in July, I attended the S3 summer picnic  and had such a great time! I played corn hole with Adam, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, and dipped my feet in the refreshing lake water. I was so excited that the s’mores brownies I made were a hit! I shared several laughs and I was given important life advice on the car ride there from Alaina and Joelle from the PR team.

One very significant thing you must know about S3: Everyone here loves animals. I witnessed S3-ers rescuing a stray cat from the parking lot one morning. Bluebeary, the cutest Siberian husky, visited the PR team and was our office pet for the day. Without a doubt, I am adopting a puppy of my own in the future!S3 PR Internship - Bluebeary

This may be cliché, but I cannot stress it enough: I feel so lucky to have interned here. Thank you for the memories, S3! Personal shout out to the best PR crew ever: Joelle, Alaina, John, Kristin, and Tricia! Your guidance and support has taken me to new heights!

Editor’s note: Allison, it was an absolute pleasure having you on board here at Team S3! Your diligence, willingness to learn, and natural abilities are a triple threat that we will dearly miss. Visit soon! ~ Denise


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