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Confession: for a short time in my younger years, I wanted to be an auto mechanic. The more I looked into it though, the more I saw how computerized the processes have become for newer vehicles, and I lost interest pretty quickly. Fast forward to the recent past: I bought myself an old motorcycle and promptly realized that I had missed my calling by about two wheels. The proudest moments in my life include the birth of my son, followed closely by changing the battery in my 1989 Yamaha Radian myself. If the simple swapping of a battery gave me such an adrenaline rush, I can’t even imagine the high that custom bike builders must feel – not only are their creations one-of-a-kind works of art, they actually RUN. Even if you’ve never so much as changed the oil in a bike (my next goal for the spring), get a taste of the obsession with the commercial for The One Motorcycle Show, coming up this February in Portland, Oregon. Beautifully-executed and spot-on for its target audience, it makes you just want to get greasy:


~ Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and Expert Motorcycle Battery Changer, The S3 Agency


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