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Flowers, Candy, Prison Tattoos? Happy Valentine’s Day!

In the DC area and looking for somewhere non-cliché to go for Valentine’s Day? You and your significant other can check out the National Museum of Crime and Punishment for some jailhouse fun, thanks to the museum’s “Crimes of Passion” promotion. Touring lovebirds are handcuffed together (furry handcuffs are just $1 extra) and sent through the various exhibits of censured couples.

Daring duos can also check out the late-night version of the exhibits, on February 15th, which includes getting (temporary) prison tattoos. After selecting and applying their favorite prison tats, couples will find out the meaning behind the ones they’ve chosen to adorn their bodies with. The exhibit kindly reminds its visitors that domestic violence doesn’t qualify as “crime of passion.”

We’ll give this promo points for originality but then deduct those same points for poor taste. After all, dinner for two may seem so passé but at least it’s not this. ~ Nicole Mazewski, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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