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Football & Taxes: Neither Is Avoidable

With less than two weeks until Super Bowl, it seems that even those with zero interest in the pigskin sport are suddenly “in the know.” How can they not be? Wherever you go – from grocery aisles to websites – football is there, an omnipresent reminder that the big game day (and big advertising day) is coming. Now this is also the time when some of us start thinking about our taxes. I say some, since I know many who wait until April…but nonetheless, just as Super Bowl players want their rings, Uncle Sam wants his money – ahem, your money.

That’s what makes H&R Block’s new campaign, “Get Your Billion Back, America,” so strong. The tie in of football and taxes may seem a bit of a stretch. But when you see the concession attendant placing $500 on each stadium seat – and then hear that Americans overpaid on their taxes by a billion dollars, enough to put $500 on every seat of every NFL stadium – it all seems to make sense.

Of course we want our billion back. To paraphrase Charlie Brown’s little sister, all we want is what we have coming.

H&R Block strikes a real nerve with this ad, its quiet yet solemn message breaking through the noisy clutter surrounding the game. Now, I have no idea what it costs to hire H&R Block – hopefully less than the extra $500 this commercial makes me think I’ll get back if I use their services. That’s ok, though – because the point is, it has me wondering about H&R Block. Mission accomplished…although I’d have liked a little more #social integration. (Maybe next year…)

~ @AdvertGirl (Denise Blasevick, CEO, The S3 Agency)


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