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For Bombas, Socks Sells–A Brand Strategy Success

Actually, the authenticity of the Bombas brand is what is selling these awesome socks. And they’re selling like crazy. As the CEO of an NJ Brand Strategy Agency, I am legitimately impressed with their brand, their marketing, and of course, their socks.

Bombas–a Brand with Staying Power

Here’s how I became a Bombas convert. Several weeks ago, I was checking out my Facebook feed, which has become something of a video game these days. I call it “Facebook Frenzy.” You know what I mean: avoid the fake news stories, pretend you don’t see political posts, get past certain “friend” updates that you simply don’t want to see… All so that you can actually catch up on what’s happening to those you wish to stay connected to.

That fateful day, my Facebook Frenzy efforts rewarded me with an unexpected prize. I discovered the Bombas brand! The brand had used Facebook advertising to put a video in my feed. While scrolling through, a stat from the video caught my eye: Bombas had donated 1 million pairs of socks to homeless people. I was intruigued right away by their ingenius brand strategy and authenticity. So I clicked. Then I watched. And I ordered the most expensive socks I’ve ever purchased. Without ever touching them. As the CEO of an NJ Brand Strategy Agency, I can say with absolute certainty that results like that are the gold standard for digital marketing.

A Mission that Just So Happens to be a Brilliant Brand Strategy

Here’s why. First, I was drawn in by their mission: for each pair of socks that Bombas sells, the brand donates a pair to the homeless. And as the video educated me, that’s the number one clothing item that those without homes need. Why? Because you can’t donate used socks – and people don’t generally buy new clothing to donate. When you’re homeless, you tend to be on your feet a lot…and that means worn out socks with holes are likely lurking underneath your shoes, even in winter weather. Right away, the brand engaged me with their mission credibility. It’s something our NJ Brand Strategy Agency is constantly telling our clients: you need to have a mission, and it needs to be reflected in your marketing.

Building a Better Sock and a Better Brand

But what about the socks themselves? I mean, they’re not a dollar a pair. Try $12+. I know I can get decent gym socks for a whole lot cheaper at many, many stores. So why not just do that and donate some of those new, cheap socks to the homeless? That’s where the product differentiation comes in. As the video explains, the gents who started Bombas had more than a mission to help the homeless: they also wanted to help consumers have better socks. (I said socks. Get your mind out of the gutter.) So they deconstructed traditional socks, determined what needed improvement, and created something worth trying.

And try them I did. After visiting their site and weighing the sock tech information – plus being programmatically stalked for conversion – I finally ponied up and placed my order. I got a four-pair-pack. Would the stay up technology really keep them from slumping? Would the honeycomb arch support be noticeable? And would the invisitoe keep me from feeling that annoying stitching? The answer is a resounding yes. As my husband has heard me say every time all of my Bombas socks are in the wash, “I hate all of my other socks now!” My Bombas feel so much better to wear – because they are better – and each time I wear them I know I helped someone in need. My other socks simply can’t compete.

The “Bee Better” Brand

Our NJ Brand Strategy Agency works on brand building every day. And I must say that I am beyond impressed with the Bombas brand’s dual missions: to do better for the world by donating socks and to be a better sock for their buyers. Apparently “Bombas” comes from the Latin word for “bumblebee.” I’m not sure how that is relevant, but the logo is cute, it looks good on my socks, and it works with their inspirational tagline, “Bee better.” I’m grateful that Bombas used Facebook advertising to reach me, and I just ordered four more pairs…

Want to try Bombas and save money? When you order, they give you a link to help first-time customers save 25%. More smart marketing.

Here’s my link, in case you want to use it: https://refer.bombas.com/x/9Myt7x



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