Forget Politics – Vote for Your Favorite Advertising Icon!

By September 12, 2012 November 1st, 2022 No Comments

Advertising Week kicks off on October 1 in New York City – and you can help choose those who will be honored via induction into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. To cast your vote by September 30, 2012 for the best advertising icon and advertising slogan, click here

I just voted for Smokey the Bear as my favorite icon (he has 33% of the vote at the time of this writing, and Target’s Crazy Christmas lady is in the lead). I think Progressive’s “Flo” will fare well, as well Geico’s squealing piggy. Frankly, I’ll be satisfied as a marketer as long as the Orbit Gum Girl doesn’t snag the honor.

When it comes to slogans, if anything other than Dollar Shave Club’s “Our blades are f*cking great!” wins (tied for first place as I type), I’ll lose all faith in humanity. Or I’ll be very disappointed at the very least.

Sure, get out and vote for the President of America in November. But this month, forget politics and vote for America’s best advertising icon and slogan!

~ @AdvertGirl

UPDATE: 10/3/12 Announced today, Flo the Progressive Insurance Persona is the winner (as expected). Sorry Smokey – you’re still my fave.