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Guess what day it is? Why, yes it IS Wednesday – the perfect day to blog about Geico’s new direct mail campaign. Which, not surprisingly, features a spokes-dromedary from the insurance company’s popular commercial. In case you just returned from your year-long sabbatical on a remote island with no internet or TV access, take a look at this spot before reading on:

Love him or hate him, the Geico camel has quickly made its way into our vernacular. In addition to asking each other to “guess what day it is,” it’s not uncommon to hear someone muttering “Mike Mike Mike” on any given Hump Day. Therein lies the kernel of genius that Geico has leveraged for their latest direct mail campaign:

This simple, not-flashy-or-expensive-to-produce letter embraces personalized direct mail marketing. This is a photo of the actual letter sent to my husband, Peter. The camel at right saying “Peter Peter Peter” is an attention getter, and you can almost here him saying your own name just like the commercial. It’s an instant get – and an instant reminder of the brand – that’s suddenly made personally relevant. Great job, Geico. Of course, people named Mike won’t realize the genius of your direct mail, but then again their name gets called out on TV every time the commercial airs.

~ @AdvertGirl (Denise Blasevick, CEO, The S3 Agency)


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