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GoPro: Finding your inner HERO

Be a HERO, that’s GoPro’s slogan. It’s also the name of their flagship product, a durable all-weather camera delivering high quality video, now in its fifth iteration. In our current age of YouTube and social media, content travels fast, especially videos. GoPro saw this opportunity and seized it.

As seen in the video above, Let me take you to the mountain, the power of the GoPro video is to give me, the consumer, a feeling as if I’m there with my favorite snowboarders. I get to see what they do best from a first-person perspective. However, the subtle beauty of their messaging is that it doesn’t have to be a professional. I could instead watch an average joe share the same passion and love for snowboarding as I do and still feel the same rush. Sure, GoPro comes out with content from professionals like the videos above, but they also like to share consumer videos across all their social platforms. That puts us, the Average Joes, in the limelight and making everything we’ve done come into a full circle.

Go Pro - Finding your inner hero

Starting with the purchase of the HERO5 to then filming our epic adventure. We edit this content with the GoPro software and then post it to the web. Tagging GoPro with the hopes of them reposting it, and a lot of the times they will. GoPro is with us throughout the whole process. When we see this content that is posted, by pros or Joes, we want to create it ourselves and with our friends. We want to be the stars of our own movies. Introducing the antagonist (a mountain peak that is unreachable) and conquering it, thus making us the HERO.

GoPro knows that their content creates itself and is inherently sharable. Their durable, lightweight camera can be taken anywhere we can think of. By daring us to get involved, they put their brand at the center of an ever-growing circle of content. Everyone likes to watch the HERO, but everyone really wants to Be the HERO too. And GoPro knows it.


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