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Grab a Coke and a Smile (or a Tissue)

Coke’s personalized soda bottle labels have been lots of fun for lots of people. So what might the soda giant do with those for a holiday ad, you ask? Take a look (and grab the tissue box) at the spot, named “Best Coke Ever”:

The brand filmed 6 different real-life “moments” where the personalized Coke bottles were used to deliver news of the “best gift ever.” From the expected scenarios, like a marriage proposal and pregnancy announcement, to the more controversial uniting of an adopted young man with the birth father he never met, this commercial goes straight for the emotional jugular.

But it’s not just about other people. After seeing this video, I’m some of those who watch will be inspired to incorporate a personalized Coke bottle into their holiday gifting. And what stronger brand connection is there than to be part of the greatest gift ever – one that will be talked about for the rest of your life?

Amazing concept, Coke.

~ Denise Blasevick, @AdvertGirl & CEO, The S3 Agency


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