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Let me start by saying that I’m not putting down the old Guinness campaign. Two barely animated UK guys talking about their brilliant Guinness-related innovations (my favorite was the 5-pack, but can’t find it on YouTube) then shouting “Brilliant” was fun. And talked about. And imitated – you heard (and still occasionally hear) people saying “brilliant!” in the Guinness guys’ voices, like this:

Since that campaign ended, there really hasn’t been a whole lot from Guinness that caught my eye – until their basketball spot “Made of More” came out. Holy cow. That campaign is, indeed, made of more substance and has more character than any other beer commercial out there. You start watching thinking you know what the ad is about – and then Guinness lays a heady trip on you. As heady as their adult beverage. Rather than spoil it for you (in case, by any chance, you haven’t seen this heavily viewed video), take a watch for yourself. I suggest grabbing a tissue first, so you have somewhere to hide your runny nose as you quietly sob the word “brilliant.” ~@AdvertGirl 


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