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21 years after the memorable launch of “The One and Only Wonderbra,” does the campaign featuring Eva Herzigova still hold up? (Pun intended.) For those who don’t know, the ads first broke in the UK – and Herzigova’s bra-ad-bearing billboards were reportedly held responsible for a few car crashes. Shortly thereafter, the lingerie-clad model’s campaign was seen everywhere from Times Square to the pages of what seemed like every magazine.

These many years later, would the ad still work? Certainly we’ve become accustomed to seeing more scantily clad women in ads – and on YouTube videos – and even walking down the street. Yet I would argue that the success of this landmark ad had to do with more than the amount of skin that was bared. The brand achieved the right balance of bold and elegant. 

The only thing I would change today? The headline. I think “Hello Girls” would feel more empowering for the modern woman. After all, many women call their breasts “the girls.” This slight shift would claim ownership, encouraging women to buy beautiful underwear for themselves to see everyday – not just for the man / men who might be fortunate enough to see someday. 

Bravo, Wonderbra. Your ad has held up as well as the seemingly immortal Herzigova herself.

~ Denise Blasevick, @AdvertGirl & CEO, The S3 Agency


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