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HelloFlo Nails It Again!

While I had never heard of the service Hello Flo or a “first moon party” before, I will forever remember both due to the hilarious video that has just been released. HelloFlo, a tampon subscription service, had a major advertising hit last summer with “Camp Gyno,” a long-form spot about a know-it-all girl who is the first to get her period and who the other girls at camp turn to for advice when they get theirs. Well, the sequel “First Moon Party” has just been released and this video (possibly funnier than the last) focuses on a girl who has the opposite problem. All her friends are getting their period and she is not. So…she decides to fake it.

Before you watch this video I feel a warning is necessary: If you are at all squeamish or uncomfortable with the word vagina and anything related, you may want to refrain.


I love the brilliance behind this idea. It so magnificently tries to make this topic less taboo and bring humor to what can be an uncomfortable situation for a young girl, as well as sell a few products along the way. And with over 1,700,000 views on Youtube and 19.5k shares on Mashable in just a day, I’m definitely not the only one who’s impressed.

Well done, HelloFlo. I approve.  And in case you missed last years hit, here you go.

!~ Tracey Jeffas, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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